New Quality Assurance Co-Op!

At Redwood Audio we value the quality and craftsmanship of all things made.  If, like us, you enjoy exercising a critical eye for detail on projects large and small, have work you would like to see peer-reviewed or are interested in contributing behind the scenes as new ideas are fledged into the world – we hope you will consider joining our new Quality Assurance Co-Op!

Our goal is to bring together a formal community of experienced inventors, developers and testers for private collaborative reviews of each other’s projects at various stages in the development cycle.  The details of the program will evolve as the team is assembled and various interests assessed.  We hope to eventually include many experienced engineers, developers, test engineers, critical listeners, musicians, user-interface and experience experts, luthiers as well and technical writers.  All those jobs your company would fill if you had begun making your millions…  As we grow in numbers, it should prove very interesting for everyone involved!  Be sure to stay tuned for further developments.