Plugin Tutorial Live!

AES 137th International ConventionThank you so much for your continued interest and support in our tutorial on plugin development with JUCE!  We are pleased to announce that the primary author, Edward Stein, has been asked to present an expanded version of the content as part of the DTS, Inc. delegation to the AES 137th International Convention in Los Angeles.  The talk will focus on good practice for rapid prototyping and debugging of audio DSP algorithms for beginners.  It will cover the basics of JUCE-based VSTs/AudioUnits –  including: project setup and configuration, exposing control parameters, custom GUI, and a few useful advanced features such as incorporating MIDI control or tempo matching to the host, etc.

We hope to see you there in LA!  If you have topics you would like to see covered, or have other general inquiries for Redwood Audio – please, feel free to Contact Us and we will see what we can do!