New Audio DSP DIY!

Introducing the first Do-It-Yourself references pages for Audio DSP!  The new pages will be an always growing collection of resources to help you get started working with audio programming.

Included with the initial listings is an original tutorial created by the Redwood Audio team to help you develop your own audio effects in the popular VST Plug-in format.  The best part is all the tools used for development are absolutely free, and include WYSIWYG editing of your graphical user interface (courtesy of the JUCE libraries from RawMaterialSoftware).  There are many ways to get started with audio effects programming, but this method can prove pretty rewarding in a short time with just a little more guidance than was readily available.  We hope the tutorial helps jump you straight to the point – developing your own audio effects and further shaping your sonic landscape!

Check out the new resources here – and as always, feel free to let us know what you think!