Updated VST Tutorial!

VST LogoAs Promised, we have updated our JUCE Tutorial for VST Development to follow the new JUCE workflow.  For beginners, the tutorial provides source code and a walk-through of a basic plugin with external DSP code.  Unlike other tutorials which focus on the many wonderful features of JUCE, the goal here is getting you up and going with a solid VST plugin and useful plumbing – letting you focus on designing the DSP effect you set out to create.  When it sounds great, we encourage you to dive in to the many advanced graphics and UI features available through JUCE.

For intermediate and some advanced users, there is a quick project summary page for kicking off new projects and a collection of tips.  While there are many ways to do this, the methods shown represent ways we have found to streamline the process, keep the DSP modular and parameters list easy to maintain.  If you have your own tips you think we should include, we would love to hear from you!  – simply Contact Us and we will share the wealth.