CRC Electronic CleanerWe thought we would share our trick, but it can be such a treat to hear your favorite guitar come back to life.  There are many references out there to electronic connection cleaner – old AVRs, antique radios, etc. all can benefit from a treatment,  and a growing number of guitar sites are singing its praises – so here is another…  It was not until we were given an old Fender to fix up that we saw the full potential for guitar restoration.  This thing came in with non-functional tone controls, intermittent output (at only at the highest volume position), and grounding problems.  With a healthy application – everything was restored to be like new without even heating up a solder gun.  That experience earned the cleaner a permanent spot on our Electronics page.  If you have had a similar experience or additional tips/tricks to share, we would like to hear from you.  Happy Halloween from Redwood Audio!