Happy Holidays from Redwood Audio!

Well the year came and went in a flash!  There are a few updates in the works to be looking for soon – including our first tutorial on DSP plugin development.  There are amazing tools out there which lower the barrier of entry for people starting to develop their own audio FX, we hope to explore them and share a few pointers here in our DIY section.  If there are things you would like to see there or you have any other ideas or questions for the team – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In the mean time, we are in and out of the shop for travel which included delivering the BG1 bass to its new owner.  What a great experience that turned out to be! – we were invited in for a jam session with his band and treated to an amazing set with mix of classic rock and blues vibe.  It was really amazing to hear the bass come to life on their rig! From the first few exploratory notes on a new instrument to opening it up and letting it really sing – it certainly filled its part next to the drums and lead guitar.  But more importantly, it brought a glow and a sly smile to his face, more than enough for us to sense it was a job well done and motivate many more to come.

Happy Holidays, best in the New Year – and Stay Warm!  


Chief Audio Philosopher, Luthier and current Webmaster,
Redwood Audio