Redwood Audio Unplugged!

Redwood Audio AC1

We are happy to announce our latest creation and first venture into the fully-acoustic world.  The Redwood Audio AC1 is a demonstration piece done to explore the beauty and challenge of acoustic guitar design.  Based on the lovely “orchestra models”, it has 14-frets free of the body which peaks at just over 4″ deep for a balanced tone and lively response.

The build of primarily hand-shaped Asian ebony, mahogany and a wonderful flamed-redwood soundboard was an exciting process with a bit of a steep learning curve – but the experience was rich and rewarding.  There is something about using fine hand-tools to gradually unlock the full potential from raw materials.  The results look and sound great!  We could not resist installing a Fishman Rare Earth Blend system for reinforcement, but the Model AC1 stands well on its own.  You can check it out along with our other instruments in our guitars section.

As always, if you have comments or ideas for a project you would like to share with us, please feel free contact us.  Otherwise, we wish you and yours a happy holidays and best in the New Year!