New Electronic’s DIY page!

Changes are afoot!  As the year since our website launch is upon us we will be seeking to complete many of the loose ends around our pages.

The first such change is the appearance of the new Electronics DIY page.  Like our other index pages it is there to provide links to useful content, tools and other resources to get your project off the ground.  We have included some references to DIY kits for all levels as well as some of the better guitar circuit collections we frequent.  Pulling out the solder iron to bring analog and digital audio projects to life has always held a dear place in our heart! So in time, we hope to provide our readers with many original tutorials and designs.  As usual, if you think there is something you feel we left out – we would love to hear about them.

As we continue to grow, we will be rearranging some pages and moving content so please bear with us!