Chango Vocal Suite Shipping in AAX!

Chango Vocal Suite in AAXWe are pleased to announce that the Chango Vocal Suite is now shipping in 64Bit AAX for all the ProTools users out there!  There has been lots of interest in the plugin and some exciting videos are starting to pop up with project demos…

If you are interested in finding out more you can check out our project page on the Chango Vocal Suite – or pick up a copy directly from Chango Studios!  We hope you enjoy it!

JUCE Meet-Ups!

ROLI Logo @ ROLI Ltd. Greetings to all our old and the new friends we have met this year!  At the end of last year, ROLI Ltd. acquired the JUCE framework from Raw Material Software Ltd. and in doing so took on the creator Jules Storer as head of software architecture.  You can read about the acquisition here.  As part of the kick-off, they launched a new build of JUCE and hosted a series of JUCE Meet-ups.  We had the pleasure of meeting the JUCE team and many of the Bay Area users there.  It seems the JUCE framework will continue to grow in positive directions and remains our recommended method of plugin development for hobbyists and professionals alike.

As such, we have updated our tutorial with the changes to the new project screen, and will be continuing updates as the framework continues to evolve under ROLI and Jules’ guidance.  If you do find something out of date or have additional questions, please do contact us and let us know! Happy Coding!

Full Service Plugin Development!

AAX PluginsRedwood Audio is proud to announce additional new directions in plugin development!  We have been flooded with interest in various projects – so much so, it will be hard to keep up with our own development cycles!  However, that’s a good thing and we are excited to now be working with studio partners on plugins for commercial release.  As part of that work, we have become a fully licensed JUCE development house and joined the official Avid development community to enable our production of AAX and RTAS plugins.   This means we are now set to develop plugins for all the major hosts!

We have also started work to co-author a book on audio plugin development and audio DSP  – it will take what we started with our JUCE tutorial and greatly expand the ideas of good practice for prototyping your ideas, development and debugging of audio plugins.